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What are the types of refractive errors?

Myopia: It is a refraction problem that make far-away objects look blurry. Nearsightedness usually affects both eyes but not necessarily with the same degree.

Hyperopia: It is visual focal issue that makes nearby objects look blurry. Eventually affecting long distance range vision.

Astigmatism: It is a refractive issue that makes far-away and nearby objects look blurry or distorted. It happens when the cornea or lens has a different shape than normal, which makes light bend differently as it enters the eye.

Presbyopia: It is a refractive issue that makes it hard for middle-aged and older adults to see things up close. As you age, the lens in your eye gets harder and less flexible and stops focusing light correctly on the retina. Everyone gets presbyopia as they get older, usually after age 40.

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