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Advice to care of your eyeglasses

For a better adaptation of your new prescription eyeglasses, please do NOT use your old ones.

Adjustments on frames should be minimal to avoid losing the frame’s original shape. Put and remove the glasses with both hands. They are designed to be on your nose and in front of your eyes not on your head. Otherwise, they will misalign or distort making them too wide for your face. Don’t hang them on your clothes. Don’t place them on the front pocket of your shirt along with pens, keys, or coins because it will cause scratched lenses. Eyeglasses must be on your face or stored in a case.

If your eyeglasses appear level on your face but sit crooked when resting on a flat surface, this may mean that one of your ears is higher than the other. It is a common case since face features are not asymmetric.

We recommend washing your glasses with water and neutral soap or ViClean (Opticas Vitra eyeglass cleaning fluid without alcohol). You should not dry clean them. Do not use disposable napkins, paper towels or clothing to clean your glasses. Use the microfiber cloth to dry and clean your lenses. Do not use abrasive substances for example: alcohol, bleach, acetone, dishwashing liquid, among others. Bear in mind that spillage or direct contact with sprays, cosmetic products (scents, hair spray, sunscreen) can stain and damage your glasses.

Avoid leaving your glasses exposed to heat or a sudden and extreme change in temperature (outdoors-indoors). For example: do not leave them in the glove box or the dash of your car. Keep them away from microwaves, grills, dryers, flat irons, and curlers, to sum up anything that has high temperatures.